We are licensed in accordance with the highest welding standard SS-EN ISO 3834-2. This means that we are licensed to perform large-scale welding assignments. We are always striving to ensure the work we do is of the highest quality. Licensing is proof of this, and a guarantee to our customers.

In short, we can perform really advanced welding work for the most discerning and demanding customers. What can we do for you? Put us to the test!

We have the equipment for welding in most fields. Ahead of each project the welder has Welding Procedure Specifications, or weld data sheets, which explain exactly how the weld is to be formed. BSM has Welding Procedure Specifications for most materials, thicknesses and joint types.

Our welders have extensive knowledge and are of course certified according to SS-EN 287. That our staff enjoy working at the company is of the utmost importance to us. Without their expertise and professional pride, we would not make the grade. Obviously, everyone who works here are employees of the company and equally obviously everyone speaks Swedish.

We work actively on QEHS (quality, environment, health & safety) and are constantly trying to develop our working methods and approaches. Happy employees and a healthy environment leads to higher quality and more satisfied customers.

If you are in need of welding, you can be almost certainly sure that we have a viable solution.

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