Cutting of sheet metal? No problem. We have the equipment for cutting sheet metal from 3 mm up to 250 mm in thickness. We go the extra mile to ensure your cutting is absolutely top class.

For sheet metal between 3 and 30 mm, we use a plasma cutter and anything above, up to 250 mm, we engage our gas-cutting machine.

To get a smoother cut surface, we use LPG in the gas cutter. The plasma cutter is capable of chamfering the sheet metal, which eliminates the need for hand cutting or milling welding chamfers etc. afterwards.

Of course we only use sheet metal that can be supplied with test certificate 3.1.

We work actively on QEHS (quality, environment, health & safety) and are constantly trying to develop our working methods and approaches. Happy employees and a healthy environment leads to higher quality and more satisfied customers.

If you are in need of cutting work, you can be almost certainly sure that we have a viable solution.

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