BSM builds wind tunnel for Bodyflight

BSM builds wind tunnel for Bodyflight

In the spring, Sweden will be opening its first facility for bodyflight, a kind of skydiving indoors. BSM has been contracted to build the 30 metre high wind tunnel.

The facility, called Bodyflight Stockholm, is being built and operated by Tunnelbolaget and is located in Ulvsunda in Stockholm.

“What we are building is a steel cylinder with an integrated fan system. The middle portion of the wind tunnel is designed as a cylinder. It is covered with plexiglass allowing spectators to watch. You should then be able to fly in there,” says Tom Teneberg, CEO of BSM.

Production is in full swing and assembly work is continuously in progress.

“The cylinder is being built inside an old concrete silo. All the old equipment had to be removed to make room for this structure.”

All building parts are manufactured at BSM’s large workshop in Borlänge and then shipped down to Stockholm, where the entire structure is assembled on site in the building from top to bottom.

“This puts great demands on planning. Everything must be executed in the right order,” says Tom Teneberg.